DiamondPoint Tutoring
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                   Physics and Calculus Tutoring 
             with an exposure to Computer Coding

I am a highly effective physics and calculus tutor with almost 10 years of experience, offering a different style of tutoring making it much more engaging and interesting, which will boost grades and confidence. I am also an aerodynamics and thermal engineer working for a high-tech aircraft industry. 

Visualization and Animation of the problems is the key!

What I am offering is not just physics and calculus tutoring, but an intuitive program in which I will also engage the student to master the basics of computer coding. We will approach physics problems similar to regular school work to ensure higher grades, by adding a flare to them. We will be simulating the interesting ones using Python, a language which is in high demand in the industry currently. This will not only get students the needed exposure to physics and calculus, but also prepare them for getting highly skilled for the future job market in STEM.

I have excellent references as needed, most of them from families whose students are well placed in IVY League Schools.

         To schedule for a class or to get more information
                             Call 781-296-6119 or  
           Email diamondpointtutoring99@gmail.com