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Below are the testimonials given by parents of my previous students, which also includes a recent recognition I received from GE. 

Hi Rohit,
Just wanted to let you know that S. felt good today, he said it 
was tough but workable and felt well prepared. 

I want to thank you for 
preparing S. We really appreciate your dedication and energy!
We'll be in touch.



Rohit- many thanks. W. just got a 95 on his last physics "opportunity 
to achieve" ( test/quiz). He attributes it to your help. Thank you.


Hello Rohit,
Thank you for helping M. He really liked working with you and thought the time was VERY well spent. I agree with the plans you outlined in your email. Just one question... Email says we will meet Saturday. Can we still meet in Sundays? M will sometimes have track meets on Saturdays.
Thank you again!

Hi K : Rohit said he is available and will contact
you by tomorrow. To reiterate, he earned a PhD in Mechanical
Engineering at the University of Minnesota, and currently
 works for GE. Rohit is the cream of the crop as far as I am
concerned, and I am happy to send him to you. He is copied 
here, and his cell # is (781) 296-6119. I will check in
after the first lesson. Thanks! 


Recognition from GE
Rohit Oke: 
You have been selected for an award in GE's Broad Based Grant program. Your manager has recently discussed this award with you, and important details about the grant of Stock Options awarded to you are provided below. Being recognized for this special equity award is a significant achievement and reflects our strong belief that you can make important contributions to the future success of this Company.

Thanks for your continued efforts, and on behalf of our Board of Directors, congratulations. 

Jeffrey R. Immelt
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer 

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